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Caring for your Cultured Marble & Granite
Care of Cultured Marble

Number one Rule:  _                         _ DRY IT AFTER EACH USE!

You can keep your cultured marble in good shape by keeping it dry and washing it periodically with soap and water (be sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards). You can also use a commercial cleanser, provided that the cleanser does not contain abrasives. Baking soda cleaners, Soft Scrub and cleaners such as powdered Comet should not be used; the abrasives in these cleaners could scratch the surface of the cultured marble. Generally, liquid cleaners are best. When using a liquid cleaner, use a soft rag to wipe the cultured marble down. Rinse the cultured marble with water after using the cleaner.

To increase the luster and shine of the marble, an automotive paste or liquid wax can be applied. (Pledge furniture polish) works well believe it or not.
Enjoy years of use if maintained properly.

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